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Tobes' page of mayhem

Stuff I had to do before riding my bike....

1 August 1978
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Of me

I'm sure that most people reading this will know me from meatspace, but in case you don't (or have forgotten), I'm a 28 year old programmer who spends much of my life on my bike and restoring a flat and a selection of classic cars.

Of My Journal

What's the point of this then? A question which has prevented me leaping in to the LJ pool for some time. Firstly this journal is not something I wish to have to specificly hide from anyone, including parents, potential employers etc, so I shall try and keep profanity to a reasonable level. Personal attacks will be avoided, and so on.

Commenting with *hugs* and nothing else in reply to mopey entries is not required, thank you. If you wish to cheer me up, at least come up with a sentence, please. Also, don't fret if you particularly want to read this and you're not on my friends list, if there's something I don't want to share with the world in general, then I won't be posting it to an unknown, online system that I have no control over - there aren't going to be many friends-only posts in this journal.